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Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

My Holiday Starts Today!

       The tests was over. The voices of students everywhere... we're chatting... laughing... dancing... singing...
(lebay) That's not important. We're attending the class meeting. The unusual class meeting... we were working. Decorated the class, cutting, sticking, planting, clearing, and many more.
      Work 'till the sun greets with its orange in the dark. Last Wednesday, we accepted our study report. All must be good. Alhamdulillah... We're having fun in my friend's house.
      This morning, I got up so late. 09.00. I thought it'll be nice holiday. Tide up my bedroom. I was walking outside my room... And saw that my little brother was with his friend. My dad was going to work.And also my mom and my sister went to her school. Checked up the table. No breakfast... :'( Got to buy some breads. I was full. Turn on the TV. And no good channels. Checking up my phone. Went to facebook... chatting for awhile. Then, continuing my usual activities. Got to the bathroom.
         Fortunately, My little brother came with some foods from his friends. Got to take my lunch... continued by watching and singing on this video along 2 hours... (Maher Zain, Hamza Namira, Sami Yusuf)
    Watched youtube... nothing's special... I chose to sleep... waking up, my mother came home and brought foods... Alhamdulillah heheh..filling my stomach. And spent the noons by 'listening' to this video... (Muhammad Taha Al-Junayd)
    Got to pray maghrib... Checked my facebook.. chatting with some friends. And This is it! She invited me to create a blog to fill the holiday... Taaaaraaaaaaa!!! I arrived at this part....Typin' my first post...

3 komentar:

  1. hey there!! after I read the first line I've already known it would be full of your gloomy thursday activities hahahahaha..
    but it's good as an opening! so CONGRATS!!!

  2. Hahahahah thanks... you're right! this is so gloomy... fortunately, it's not sunday

  3. if it's gloomy sunday.. you ... will... su-i-cideeeeee MUAHAHAHA