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Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Make Poetry

Hi, there! This is one of my Poetry, one of my activities that I do in my holiday. Because, I can't go anywhere,my mom is busy to prepare everything for the trip... Okay, this is the poetry;

(By : Aini Putri . W)
Do you know antigen?
When a stranger that is known as antigen comes in to the blood plasma...
The part of it will come decomposing...
And antitoxin will bring it to the death...
But, the kind of antitoxin in my blood doesn't exist for the stranger like you..
(cieeeee... hehehh)

You came along when my body was producing more leukocytes...
as the protection ...
But, the protection that I built since a long time becomes no matter anymore...

You're the stranger, that came to my blood...
But you're bonding...
Boiling the erythrocytes, become warmer ...
When I have accustomed , you're letting me hang out...
When I'm happy with you...
You seem like wanting to test me...
But, when I'm kinda upset...
You're bonding again... boiling again...

Telling something that I want...
I was glad..
Then when I got my mind to be with you,
You're getting closer...
But, you're smilin' in silence.. silence...
Go far away long time... so long..
So long, when I'll go...

Hey, stranger....
I've been accustomed...
Why are you so meaning for me?
While you maybe weren't meaning to do that... :')

Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

Prophet Musa a.s. (Moses)

Hi, this is me again. I was watching an old film. I t was The Ten Commandments. I watched it on my tv last night. You know? this film is old, but I like to watch it. This is about Prophet Musa a.s that is known as Moses. His purpose to freed the Egyptian slaves from Ramses, the fir'aun. I knew this one, because Islam had told the story in the Holy Qur'an. But, this film is kinda different, I knew it because it's the bible version (Christianity), right. Of course, I'll tell you the difference between the two version. I like to watch it because the right sides about the story and Tauhid taught were really there, though some of the elements show the wrong side based on Islam glasses.
      All right, the film is like this. First, the wife of Fir'aun found a baby in the side of the River Nil. She adopts the baby to be his son. Soon, as he grew as a boy, he became a prince of Egypt, while he has a brother (the mother's son) named Menarith (if I'm not mistaken). He became a young gentlemen.  Everyday he saw the cruelty of Fir'aun, by seeing more slaves that were forced to  work without any payment. But one day, he saw one of the royal officials wanted to touch a woman slave. He was so angry, then he hit the royal official 'till he died. He then hide the body with the Menarith's help. He came home, and Menrith informed that Fir'aun knew what Moses had done, her mother let him run from the royal. Then, Menarith gave him a blanket for him to protect himself. He loved Moses so much as his real brother.
    Moses didn't know how to get alive in the cruel desert. But, he learned. One day, he saw a desert people that were disturbed by Amalek people. The Amalek people wanted to grab the cattle and the springs. There were old men, women, and children. Moses was so angry to see that bad view. So, he came to save them. He killed the Amalek people. Moses was accepted well in the new tribes. He talked to the old man that seemed like the leader. He was welcomed, and they were grateful. Moses finally married one of the woman. He had a son named, Greshome.
    One day, Moses went to a mountain that is known as a sacred mountain. He heard something. He then saw a bright shine from nowhere. And the voice was from there, too. the dialogue :
Voice : "Moses, come to me."
(Moses came to the voice)
Moses : "Who are You?"
Voice : "I'm your Lord... Your only Lord. Come back to your people in Egypt. Freed them with my power. I'm your Lord. You're the chosen." (This is my mind's version heheheh)
Moses:"What? Why me? I know I have to freed them, are You really my Lord?"
Voice : "Yes, I'm The Lord, The God."
Moses : " Who are You? I mean Your name?"
Voice : "I am who I am"
Moses : "What?"
The Voice was gone ...

Moses then, ask the father in law. He wanted to come back to Egypt with his wife and the son to free the slaves as The God had talked.

(Still waiting fir the next story? Wait for the obstacles that came for Moses from the disbelief of many people and the struggle to resist against Ramses, the new Fir'aun. And the taking of people that Moses loved. Please, come back again.... to be continued ... ;)

 Ok, I'm back... this is the next story...
       Moses told his father in law that The God had spoken to himself. His father in law could accept it, but he wondered how can people believe that Moses had done it if he wants to come back to Egypt. Finally, he went to Egypt with his wife and his son. If  I'm not mistaken, the first person that he met is his mother. He met her in market. This is the dialogue.
Mother : "Moses,my son..! You're really my son."
Moses :  (Silent) "This is my wife and my son."
Mother : (Seeing his wife and son) "Moses, now, the palace is in the new Fir'aun hand, he's Ramses. Please coma back. Everything's going to be like usual... it's normal again..." (touching Moses's face while the tear roles down her eye)
Moses : "Where?"
Mother : "In the palace ..."
Moses : "No, I will not go there."
(Oh... Drama Queen.. hehhehhe)
     Moses then continued to go to his sister's house. When he got to the house...
Moses : " Is this Miriam's house?"
Woman : " Yes, it was.."
Moses : (Silent)
Woman :"Is that... is that...are you Moses?"
Moses : "Ya..." (Full of hope)
Woman : "This is me,your sister, Miriam... "(Crying)
Moses : "Miriam..." (Hug)
      Went inside the house, he met Harun, his brother. They're hugging. Moses told everything about what he got in the mountain. Miriam and Harun believed that. They tried to make sure. Now, Moses with Harun were struggling to resist against Fir'aun.
      Moses and Harun went inside the palace. They met Fir'aun. They asked Fir'aun to free the slaves. Moses said what happened to him on the mountain. Fir'aun got it by laughing. He said that he don't want to follow Moses's God. Fir'aun asked Moses to prove it. Moses threw his stick away then it turned to be a snake. Fir'aun laughed again. He said that his shamans also can do the trick like that. But, when the other snakes came from the shaman's sticks, the Moses's snakes became bigger and it killed the others. Fir'aun shocked and he just commanded the cops to bring Moses and Harun go out from the palace.
      The next day, in Miriam house, many slaves came to know about Moses's story. many slaves couldn't believe. And there were also slaves that have a half belief. And others. Then Moses, Harun, and Miriam came to the place where the slaves were working.Many people hate him and his brother and sister. They couldn't believe. But, Moses still believed and he forced them to be free. He was angry with them but he still wanted to free the slaves. For 400 years they were forced to work. Their children were killed without any hearts. What a terrible!
         Moses and Harun went to the source of water in the town. His stick touched the water, and it turned to be red... of course all the water in Egypt became red. They're in suffered. No harvest. Even the shaman couldn't find what chemical are in the water.
       Moses and Harun came again to the palace. Thy met Fir'aun again.They forced him again, but Fir'aun was still stubborn. Wait for the result, suddenly the disaster came to Egypt... Many fire everywhere. But, once again Moses and Harun came to Fir'aun. Fir'aun couldn't give up! While Moses prepare the slaves to run from the country. He commanded to make lots of bread and drink.
      The night was coming. A huge wind came to Egypt to kill all the children in there, included Fir'aun's, except the slave's children. Fir'aun felt so regret. He freed all the slaves and Moses family. They went out from Egypt with victory.
      While, Fir'aun got to change his mind. He commanded Menarith and his army to go chasing Moses and the slaves....
(Wait for the chasing, when Fir'aun's army were getting closer, when Miracle came from the God to Moses to save the people>>> Just keep reading when you come back to this blogg... to be continued ... ;)

    Hi, this is my 4th day... yes, I'm back to continue the story... this is it.
     Moses and the slaves went out from Egypt, they got to the desert. One of the slaves wondered that how can Moses's God showed the way to run from here. Suddenly, there was a big wind that was formed by the sand. And so, they followed the wind.... then it's gone. Suddenly again, they saw Menarith and the army, there was Fir'aun too. They were panic and tried to run. Ran and ran, only ran that they could do. The God showed the way again.They followed it. But, the sign was gone in front of the Red Sea. One of the slaves was angry with Moses. They said that Moses's God showed the trap not the way.
     But Moses was still believing. With Harun, Moses raised his stick, and he closed his eyes. Suddenly, the Red Sea was riven.... Subhanallah... there was a path between the great water. The slaves that were led by Miriam went through the path to run from Fir'aun's army. While, Moses and Harun were still in the side of the sea... they saw Menarith was getting closer. When he arrived in front of Moses, Menarith could just kill Moses and Harun, but when he saw his face... he couldn't do it. Moses then let Harun to run with the other slaves through the path.And Moses finally did it too. Menarith and Fir'aun also went chasing them trough the path between the great water.When Moses and the slaves arrived at the other side of the sea, Menarith and his army were still on the path.Moses wanted to close the path, but he saw Menarith.... He said it while regretting.. "You want to chase, brother.". The path was closed. Fir'aun, Menarith and his army were sinking. They were sinking with their great army and the horses. Moses still wondered, Is God wanting to take all the things that he the people that he loved. But, he's still believing that God will reward him with the promised land that The God told before.
         He still believed that he had to do this.
(To be continued....)
They finally walked on the wide desert under the sunshine. It was so hot. But, they couldn't wait anymore. No more food and drink. They took a rest then. In the journey, Moses taught so many kindness of life. And the God showed His power,  such as the food and the water that He gave when they're starving. Moses said, God will fill our needs not less and not more. The miracle that the God gave to Moses, like makin the toxic water became clean and pure. And also, Moses prepared the slaves to have weapons to protect themselves. Finally, they became the great power, and they could beat the Amalek people. They took the tools and materials. And Moses's name became famous throughout the desert.
           I'll tell you about an incident that happened.One day, one of Moses's friend was in the side of a river. And there was also his wife. Suddenly, someone that was still from the people wanted to touch his wife. He was so panic and angry, so that he killed the man. His wife was crying because she was afraid that what her husband did was a fault.They finally hide the dead body. One of the slaves saw the dead body and he told Moses. But, when Moses asked who the person is, he didn't want to confess it. But, finally he confessed it to Moses personally, Moses was forced to punish them, because it was what the God taught to him.
           When they could be patient to the condition, when the teachings were accepted, the God tested them again. No foods and drinks for days. But suddenly Moses heard the voice again, the voice of God that wanted to talk with him. The God called him to the hill or a mountain. After Moses talked with the God while the people with Harun and Miriam were waiting, Moses went out and asked the people.
          "God made agreement with us? Do you agree."
          "Do you agree ? God will made us become favored nation, become the figure to the world. But, you must agree with His commandments. Do you agree?"
          Moses came back to the mountain. One night, the God told him His commandments. While outsidde the mountain, Harun was the leader when Moses wasn't there. One of the people didn't want to believe Moses anymore, because he was going so long. But, Harun was shaken. Harun didn't want to make Moses disappointed but he also didn't want to make the people disappointed too. So, he decided to make a statue of  a calf for the God. It was the wrong way to worship the God. Moses had solved the meaning of  "I am who I am". He told that it means the God that has to be worshiped is only One. And we don't need the statue to worship Him. It was wrong. They celebrated the victory of wars by worshiping the statue and dancing all night long while Moses wasn't there.
          When Moses came back with the commandments that had been written on the rocks, he was so angry. Seeing his people were worshiping the statue. And he broke up the rocks, he said that it has no function anymore. Moses decided to do the war, against the people that were not in God's side. Harun and Miriam followed Moses, and may people. They fought against the people. And finally, there lived the people that were in favor of the God. Moses once again asked them, did they want to reform the agreement between them and the God. And they wanted for the better life. Finally, one more night Moses accepted the commandments. The next day, he brought the rocks, he said that the commandments that was made on the rock so that they can have it all the time. And The Ten Commandments were, No God except Allah to be worshiped. Honor your mother and father. Do not steal that is not yours, do not tell the false statement, and others. They had to keep the promise. If they couldn', they would accepted the appropriate punishment.

      It was started the first forty years that is full of suffer. But finally, even though  Moses was not allowed to step on the promised land, he could see it, and the people got the land that full of honey. He passed and buried outside the promised land. THE END ;)
      The lesson that I can take is this story oh Prophet Musa a.s. has the same story with the Holy Qur'an. The difference is of course, they're not telling the God's name, Allah. But, it taught the Tauhid teachings. And in Holy Qur'an the people named Bani Israil. I knew it must be difference because it's bible version. But, they're still teaching the same thing. I take side of Al-Qur'an, the true one that Allah gave for our life. I like this film because I can compare it with the truth in Al-Qur'an. Of course I can know more about prophet Musa a.s. from Al-Qur'an. Thanks Allah for guiding me to the straight path ;')