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Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

2nd Day in One Week Holiday

Today's started by eating martabak as my breakfast. After downloading Sami Yusuf songs all night long, I am to sleepy. Deciding to listen all the songs that have been downloaded. Full of  lyrics and videos this morning. Yeah, I'll tell you about my hobby. It's about music.
     This is the important thing. I like music so much. Since I was a little girl. I accepted all the music in globalization era. 'till the 2nd year of my senior high school. But, the important thing in my life is, I converted my music genre.  I liked all the genres of music such as pop, rock, etc. Especially, from abroad. But, Some videos that my friends and me watched in the class when there's no lesson changed everything about m
usic in my mind.
    I can't explain what it about is. But, you must be know. I started to choose the genre of music selectively. Almost all of the mp3 from in English lyrics (from abroad) were deleted from my mobile. I didn't know. I thought nothing's special in those songs anymore. in past, I often listened to them, And I felt so happy... because it could express what I felt. It was working. But, not for today.
   After deleting all the mp3 in my mobile so hard to leave them, I started to keep the nasheed songs, such as Maher Zain, Hamza Namira, Sami Yusuf, Irfan Makki, Mesut Kurtis, etc. And my heart was changed, I felt something in these songs. I can express my feeling with music, but, it's not wrong. Because, before I converted the genre, I felt so wrong in these parts. Alhamdulillah... I found what I want from music. It can make me happy, and it's not wrong.
   I thanked Allah, because he created the singer like them. I hope that they're not one of the agenda of the wrong genre in music. Because, I have a little bit worry about them, Insha Allah. They're not like that. I believe.
     Well, this 2nd post is what I can share with you about my holiday. One of my activities, converted all the genres. See ya in the next post.

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